3 Founded in 1949, O.M.E.M. S.p.A. operates in the electro-mechanical industry where, over the years, has become the top Italian company in the production of wound magnetic cores and one of the most highly regarded concerns within the industry, in Europe and worldwide. O.M.E.M. currently exports more than 75%of its products to all continents. O.M.E.M. boasts a portfolio of prestigious and faithful customers, acquired after many years of a highly professional commitment to this industry. O.M.E.M.’s leadership is ensured by its on-going research and development program on materials and technologies, as well as by its in-house capability to design production machines able to meet customers’ requirements. O.M.E.M. boasts a close relationship with the most prestigious Italian and foreign research institutions, labs and universities, which approach us to find a patient and cooperative partner willing to take on even the most challenging requests by making a few, technically risky prototypes and samples to explore the limits of magnetic materials’ performance, often beyond reasonable expectations. THE BACKGROUND O.M.E.M. was founded in 1949 by Mario Erba; the company’s background is closely associated with its founder who, after successfully engaging in the production of a wide range of products - from tin opening keys to washing machines - in the 1980s decided to enter the magnetic core industry, where O.M.E.M. has held a leading position for decades. Products manufactured by O.M.E.M. are used to manufacture current or voltage transformers for small, high and very high voltage; inductors; single phase and three phase transformers for small and medium power; saturable reactors for systems with medium and high power rectifiers; medical equipment; industrial differential transformers; small inductors or transformers for electronic equipment; armatures for solenoid valves; screens for electronic products. The company is currently managed by the third generationof its original founder and continues to honour the commitment taken on with the Italian consortium to successfully run a company in Italy. All the key functions are personally managed by the owners, who have turned the enterprise from a small family-run company to a global concern with 50 employees operating in the production of magnetic cores. The technical know-howhas been passed on from one generation to the next, to continue to live the business dream conceived as long ago as 1949. Set up with a highly ethical and on-going vision and commitment to customers and suppliers, and more importantly to its workers, O.M.E.M. boasts a team of motived, skilled employees who are heavily involved in the running of the business, able to ensure a constantly updated and shared know-how, acknowledged and rewarded by the market. OUR VISION Aquality core in each transformer. O.M.E.M. has always focused on quality as an added value to its products; in fact, only by ensuring excellent products, a competitive edge can be achieved, which allows all our partners to acknowledge O.M.E.M. products as the best on the market. OURMISSION O.M.E.M.’s mission consists in supplying bespoke magnetic cores according to each customer’s mechanical and magnetic requirements, ensuring the best quality within the industry. O.M.E.M. has known for decades that the top priority in the production of wound magnetic cores is to ensure a superior quality; this is why we manufacture “custom” products, designed to supply our customers with excellent magnetic guarantees and tomeet their requirements. Thanks to its experience and its technical skills, O.M.E.M. has a know-how that allows it to build a close relationship with its customers, in order to find strategic solutions. The close relationship we have with our customers and suppliers allows us to state that our market leadership stems from a close technical cooperationbut, above all, from our on-going commitment in striving to achieve a very trusting and loyal relationship with all our stakeholders.