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O.M.E.M. S.p.A. is a company that operates in the electromechanical sector. In particular, it manufactures magnetic cores for transformers.

O.M.E.M. products are used to make current, instrument or voltage transformers for small, medium, high and extra high-voltage applications as well as inductances, low and medium-power single and three-phase transformers, saturable reactors for systems with high and medium-power rectifiers, electro-medical appliances, industrial differential transformers, small inductances or transformers for electronic devices, armatures for solenoid valves and shields for electronic products.



Nanocrystalline material




Founded in 1949, O.M.E.M.  S.p.A.  operates in the electro-mechanical industry where, over the years, has become the top Italian company in the production of wound magnetic cores and one of the most highly regarded concerns within the industry, in Europe and worldwide.

O.M.E.M. currently  exports more than 75% of its products to all continents.

O.M.E.M.  boasts a portfolio of prestigious and faithful customers, acquired after many years of a highly professional commitment to this industry.

O.M.E.M.’s leadership  is ensured by its on-going research and development program on materials and technologies, as well as by its in-house capability to design production machines able to meet customers’ requirements.

O.M.E.M. boasts a close relationship with the most prestigious Italian and foreign research institutions, labs and universities, which approach us to find a patient and cooperative partner willing to take on even the most challenging requests by making a few, technically risky prototypes and samples to explore the limits of magnetic materials’ performance, often beyond reasonable expectations.

Arya Star
CEO, Founder

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