Nickel-Iron (Fe-Ni)

Due to its high permeability and low losses, Iron-Nickel is used for the production of wrapped magnetic cores and shields of high quality and performance. OMEM supplies Iron-Nickel cores with 78/80% Nickel percentage in various magnetic guarantees and in thickness 0.20mm, 0.07-0.10mm.

The Iron-Nickel alloy is widely used in the medium and high frequency field as the core of transformers and inductances and to produce magnetic shields

For shielding, OMEM has other material variations in stock in higher thicknesses, sometimes even up to 1 mm; which are available in modest quantities and in variability changing over time. However, it is possible, for significant quantities, to specifically order materials of the desired thickness, if this is not available in the warehouse and it is not possible to replace it with one of the available thicknesses, an opportunity often accepted by customers.


Nickel-Iron toroids

OMEM produces 0.20 Nickel-Iron toroidal cores with a minimum internal diameter of 10mm up to a maximum external diameter of 1500mm and with a belt height from a minimum of 5mm up to a maximum of 160mm.

The weight of these toroids varies from a few grams up to 100kg.

The Iron-Nickel toroids 0,07-0,10mm are instead produced with a tape of maximum height 70mm, for a maximum weight of 20kg.

For higher heights, the option of superimposing cores of heights that allow to obtain the best possible magnetic values ​​from the material is often evaluated

The 0.07mm-0.10mm toroids can be supplied with a customized case that allows you to protect the product during handling.

OMEM also produces hybrid toroidal cores, with or without cuts, composed of Ferro-Silicon and Ferro-Nickel.



Nickel-Iron cut toroids

OMEM produces cut iron-nickel toroids for its customers.

The cut cores can be supplied with non-magnetic steel clamps with hexagonal nut, pawl or non-magnetic strap with seal.


Nickel-Iron uncut cores of special shapes 

OMEM is able to produce custom-made cores of any shape: oval, stadium, rectangular, “D”, each window can be studied in collaboration with our technical office to meet the needs of special shapes.

In these cases tolerances and magnetic guarantees must be agreed from time to time.

Screens and sheets

OMEM produces nickel iron screens and plates on request. The materials in thickness 0.20 mm and 0.07 mm are always available in the warehouse; different thicknesses must be requested. Sometimes you can choose from those already available or order them specifically, if the quantity allows.